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Wagon drill suitable for drilling of dia 3 ½" (90mm) to 5" (127mm) to a depth of 30mtrs under favourable drilling conditions. The drill is capable of drilling vertical to horizontal holes. The drill is constructed out of rugged standard steel sections, well treated parts, perfectly matched design and production systems to make the drill work for longer hours with best efficiency. The Wagon drill shall be provided with pneumatic cylinder (Mast) winch and rotation units. Self propulsion unit, Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system, Control Panel with set of hoses, Stabilizers, Centralizers and set of Spanners. All the parts are assembled together and mounted on three jeep wheels and can be towed efficiently. The feed been is capable of handling 5 feet drill tube. Com pressor- ELGI or equivalent
*Technical specification Changes as per the customer specific requirements.